Transformations Sylvania Hair renewal studio hair extensions example


Transformations Sylvania Hair renewal studio hair extensions example

Hair Extensions by Transformations Sylvania

Hair extensions add volume, density and fullness to your hair. While there are  many types of Extensions, the safest method is tape in. These simply ‘sandwich’  your hair between the extension, leading to less wear and tear on your natural hair. When applied, and removed properly there is no damage done to the hair. There are several types of Extensions. Some used for fullness, and some used for length. These human hair extensions are luxurious, heat resistant and reusable. They can give you gorgeous, voluminous lengths, or thicken up an existing style.

Extensions are simple to care for and integrate into your lifestyle! The do’s and don’t’s are…

  • Brush daily
  • Wash with professional shampoo and conditioners
  • Use detangler with wide tooth comb
  • Use professional styling products
  • Do not pull on hair
  • Always blow dry & Use heat protectant
  • Sleep in a braid or low hair tie
  • Be gentle

Protect your investment!

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